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Who are the tax advisors (consultants)?

Tax Advisor (consultant) is a specialist in the field of financial accounting, tax legislation and related spheres. The main purpose of its activity is a minimization of risks of legal entities individuals in the sphere of taxation...

Workshop "How to start business?"

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On October 30, 2019 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the Protocol amending the Convention between the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the Government of Ukraine for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income”.
Abovementioned Protocol significantly influences taxation of some types of business operational between residents of Ukraine and Cyprus. Of utmost importance are amendments in terms of taxation of dividends and capital gains.
Taxation of dividends – article 10 of the Convention:

Who are the tax advisors (consultants)?

This is one of the most prestigious and highly paid professions in many countries.

Tax Advisor (consultant) is a specialist in the field of financial accounting, tax legislation and related spheres. The main purpose of its activity is a minimization of risks of legal entities individuals in the sphere of taxation...

In the wake of benegficial owner

Analysis of litigation practice on beneficial owner concept application in Ukraine (the article in available in Ukrainian and Russian version).

Interview with the Chief of Chamber of Tax Advisors of Kyrgystan

The article is available in Russian version...

12 Steps of Closing Charity Fund in Ukraine

The article is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions...

Non-Governmental Organization Declares its Attitude to the Situation in the Country

Statement by the International Renaissance Foundation Regarding the brutal repression of peaceful Euromajdan in Kiev, November 30.

This morning the units of "Berkut" by using the physical violence has broke up a peaceful Euromajdan in Kiev.

Peaceful protest Euromajdan has accumulated many thousands of citizens for the support of the European choice of Ukraine, the belief in the necessity of signing the Association Agreement with the European Union in the conditions of the current government which has halted preparations for the signing of the Eastern partnership Summit in Vilnius on 28-29 November.

Euromajdan was exclusively peaceful extremely mass meeting of concerned citizens, representatives of public organizations, youth and students that had the form and content of the national Assembly. The meeting, initiated by a group of public activists received a recognized throughout Ukraine and in the world named Euromajdan. It was a democratic Maidan that, until now, kept a distance from politicians of various colors in the colors of the state and European flags.

We declare that were no, we stress, no legal grounds to terminate the Maidan’s existence. As a peaceful meeting, it, of course, subject to be protected.

Contemporary of the independence, international Fund "Revival" in all the years considered their main aim and achievement the establishing of the dialogue between the citizens and the government. Fund staff and members of its Board are renowned experts, who participated in the work of the Constitutional Assembly, the Coordination Council under the President of Ukraine, public councils under the Executive authorities. Thanks to this dialogue important elements of democratic transformations were implemented.

So it was today. Today there are noany possible dialogues between the authorities and society severed the blood of peaceful citizens. After the brutal dispersal of Euromajdan we believe that the co-operation with the Cabinet of Ministers, the President and his Administration are deeply immoral, and therefore unacceptable.

All representatives of the International Fund "Revival" cease such cooperation. At the same time, continuing its mission, aimed at the formation in Ukraine a democratic, open society Fund reserves the right to resume cooperation only when perpetrators of crime against Euromajdan participants will be punished as, and the government actually abandon violence against all those who realize their inalienable right to freedom of peaceful Assembly.

Chairman of the Board of the international monetary Fund Oleksandr Sushko
Executive Director of the IMF Yevhen Bystrytsky

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